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Monday, January 21, 2019

Free Q&A Fridays

Come to our offices on a Friday and have a long an intricate chat about your needs and your projects. We love to chat on Fridays. But the other days of the week, we are a little more sticky ... Laughing

Go green ...

The glue/ epoxy/ adhesive/ composite market is not very environmentally friendly most of the time. The substances are toxic, smelly and even addictive in its very nature. (You don't hear about anybody sniffing roses and getting addicted. Sadly.) Plastocure prides itself on creating environmentally friendly products ...

The Right Solution

When you get the right solution, using the right products for the appropriate application, you save time, money and materials. An excellent reason to talk to the right people ... before you make a mistake ....

Welcome to Plastocure


Welcome to Plastocure. We supply our customers globally with specialised solutions to bonding problems ...

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An adhesive is any substance that, when applied to the surfaces of material...

One-part adhesives

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Thermosetting polyimides are known for thermal stability, good chemical res...

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